About Regency Air

Regency Air is a private charter company based in Orange County, California. Since 1997, our mission has been to provide owners and charter clients with an unparalleled luxury charter experience. David Lomakin, our founder and president, created Regency Air out of his lifelong passion for flight and his belief that time is a valuable asset. Using our efficient and flexible team, our main priority is to provide our clients with the time they need with the people and places they want most. Fueled by a 24 hour on-call staff, extensive aviation knowledge and experience, and stringent attention to detail, our management team and flight crew are dedicated to making your travel experience as timely, luxurious, and seamless as possible.

Meet The Team

From the moment you contact Regency Air for a charter flight or to make travel plans, our entire staff takes action to make your travel experience as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Experienced flight crews are committed to providing you with the hospitality you deserve as a private charter passenger. Our Regency Air staff will go to any length to meet your special requests and to ensure that you receive the highest level of service.


David has had a passion for flying since he was 5 years old. At the age of 14, he got a job to pay for his flying lessons at John Wayne Airport. He went on to attain his Commercial and Airline Transport Certificates, finishing both by the age of 21. David also holds a degree in Commercial Aviation, various FAA Type Ratings, and is an FAA Check Airman. With this experience, he founded Regency Air in 1997. He is still an active Line Captain with over 16,000 hours of flight time.


Nicki has been with Regency Air since 2011. As Vice President, one of her main goals is ensuring that all company operations are running smoothly. She is committed to ensuring that all clients receive the best service possible. Nicki lives in Lake Forest with her husband and son. While not anywhere close to a chef, she is passionate about cooking and craft coffee. Nicki holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with an Emphasis in Public Relations from Biola University, where she also worked in the Human Resources Office.


David Smith has had a passion for aviation as long as he can remember. He travelled extensively throughout the world before deciding to make flying his career at age 18. While he studied full time at the University of Colorado at Boulder, he spent his weekends earnestly pursuing aviation. During this time he learned the importance of integrity and hard work. After college he held multiple positions, including being a flight instructor for 5 years, flying a Kingair for the California Department of Agriculture, and flying for an airline for 5 years in Houston, Texas. He brings more than 8000 total and 4000 jet hours of experience to Regency Air.


Michael has been with Regency Air since 2015. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and he holds both an A&P certificate and a Robinson Helicopter Training certificate. Michael served in the United States Marine Core from 2004-2011, where he worked on F/A-18 Hornets. Michael subsequently transitioned to the private sector, where he did component repair, overhaul, and development at Honeywell, and new parts production and development at Parker Hannifin. Michael lives in Irvine with his wife and 3 children.



I discovered the exhilaration of flying as a small boy. Since the time I was a student pilot at 14, my passion for air travel has continued to grow. For me, aviation is the most exciting career I can imagine. When I launched Regency Air in 1997, I formed a team of professionals with the passion to build a charter flight operation that sets the highest standards for private aviation and for the flying experience that our clients deserve. As a pilot, I know firsthand the importance of precision in all areas of life, and I am proud of our perfect safety record, as we continue to be accident and incident free since the company’s founding. I also believe that time, as one of the world’s only nonrenewable resources, is invaluable. Benjamin Franklin once said that “lost time is never found again,” and I believe these words have never held more meaning than they do today. My goal is for Regency Air to save our clients countless hours. We pride ourselves on providing a luxurious experience while offering a fast and punctual way for you to get to that important event or to get home to see your loved ones. I hope you’ll fly with us and discover the service, class, simplicity, and elegance that Regency Air has to offer.