Is Regency Air Road Show Capable?

Yes! We are available to assist with enternatioment tours or university recruitment tours

What are Regency Air’s safety standards?

Regency Air has exceptionally high safety standards. Please find out more on our safety page. Click here to view safety page.

What type of Aircraft does Regency Air have?

We have a variety of aircraft that are available based on your needs.

Are Pets allowed?

Yes!! We allow pets!

Is flying private the same cost as a first class airline ticket?

No, it is not. However, having the plane to yourself is a major benefit.

Am I covered by a Regency Air’s insurance policy?

When flying a trip with us, you and your passengers are listed as additionally insured on our liability insurance policy.

Does Regency Air arrange catering or ground transportation?

Catering and ground transportation are examples of typical incidental items, which are arranged at the time of booking. These charges are billed at the end of the trip.

Do Charter Flights have Trip Minimums?

No. There are no Trip Minimums. Rather, Charter Flights have Daily Minimums so that Charter customers can maximize the value of flying more trips in a Trip Day versus other charter programs.

Do Charter Flights have Peak Days?

Day of Week
Related Holiday
Tuesday Before
Wednesday Before
Sunday After
Saturday Before
Thursday After
Friday After
Sunday After
Friday Before
Presidents Day
Monday Of
Presidents Day
Sunday of
Monday After
Sunday After
Independence Day

Can we fly to international destination?

We do provide service to numerous international destinations.

Do Charter customers pay for fuel?

Our Charter quotes include all fuel costs.