Management Team

David Lomakin  Founder/President/Director of Operations

Since the age of 5, David has had a passion for flying. This passion became more apparent at the age of 14, when he obtained a job to pay for his flying lessons at John Wayne Airport. He went on to attain his Commercial and Airline Transport Certificates by the age of 21. With a degree in Commercial Aviation, various FAA Type Ratings and FAA Check Airman Authorizations, he founded Regency Air in 1997. After managing the company as President, and holding positions as Director of Operations, FAA Check Airman, and Chief Pilot, David retired from the day to day operations of the Company while continuing to serve as Chief Executive Officer, and as an active Line Captain with over 16,000 Hours of Flight Experience.

Nicki Worley  Vice President of Operations and Finance

Nicki has always had a passion for Aerospace and interacting with people. Nicki graduated with her Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications with an Emphasis in Public Relations from Biola University. Before working at Regency Air, she worked in the Human Resources office at Biola. Nicki manages both the Finance and Office departments. She helps to ensure that you receive excellent service from the first phone call to Regency Air.

Timothy Lomakin  Chief Pilot

Timothy had the unique opportunity to be immersed in aviation from a very young age. While many children dream of someday flying an airplane, with the help of his father, Timothy began piloting at the age of eight. He passion for flying continued to grow throughout his childhood and began to turn into a realistic dream for his future. Watching his father create Regency Air, and seeing the excitement of charter pilots first hand formulated his desire to pursue aviation professionally. With aviation in the family business and Timothy’s natural talent he was able to achieve many important milestones quickly. At the age of sixteen he took his first solo flight at John Wayne Airport. Once his career began, he became a line captain at the age of twenty-three. Currently, Timothy is the Chief Pilot at Regency Air, a position he attained at age of twenty-six, where he manages the flight crews, supervises the training program, and acts as a liaison with the Federal Aviation Administration. With over 10,000 flight hours, the FAA certified him to be a check airman in 2013. With nearly fifteen years of experience at Regency Air, Timothy is dedicated to his pursuit of excellence in aviation and sharing that passion with the aviation community.

Perry Kremer  Director of Maintenance

Perry’s background includes over 30 years of practical hands-on aviation maintenance experience, ranging from small single engine propeller aircrafts to small business jets. He has worked as a Supervisor and Chief Inspector with an FAA certified 145 Repair Station which included the oversight of maintenance on aircrafts operating under a 135 certificate. For the last three years, Perry has held an I.A. certificate in addition to an A&P certificate.